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Bonus program

Bonus program from DotSatoshi is an opportunity for our clients to receive bonuses for transactions on our website. The received bonuses will be credited and displayed in your personal account. One bonus is equal to one ruble of the Russian Federation. You can spend the accumulated bonuses on our website and get a discount on the next exchange.

How it works:

Leaving their objective feedback on the cooperation with our service on BestChange, customers will be able to receive bonuses to their accounts, depending on the amount of the exchange volume.

How to get a bonus:

Make an exchange in our electronic exchanger and go to the official DotSatoshi page at BestChange monitoring to leave a review.

Fill in the required data:
Your name;

Your e- mail (must match the e-mail specified when creating the application);


Exchange number (number of your application on our website);

Feedback type - "Positive".

After filling in the required data, click "Give Feedback". An email with a confirmation link from BestChange will be sent to the specified email address .

After that, within 24 hours, the system will automatically credit bonuses to your balance. They will be displayed in the Personal Account.

Bonuses can only be used to receive a discount on a subsequent application.

To write off bonuses, you need to check the box "Write off bonuses" at the beginning of creating an application.

Thank you for using our electronic exchanger. We hope that this service will be useful for you.

Do I need to register to exchange?

Registration is not required to conduct a digital currency conversion transaction on the DotSatoshi Internet service.

However, registered Users have a number of advantages such as a profitable Cooperation Program . It also simplifies and speeds up the creation of applications and transactions.



AML/KYC procedure

AML verification is a security measure that confirms that the money transfer operation is carried out by the card/account holder.

AML are internal rules that define the principles for combating money laundering, illegally obtained money, financing of terrorism and other illegal activities. This operation includes identification of the User, his transactions and connection with payment systems. In the world community, this procedure is required by the fundamental financial institutions.



Coupon Code

Coupon code - a special alphanumeric set of characters that entitles you to an additional discount, which is added to the discount already available on your account.

Coupon can be obtained after a successful exchange, or on Partners' forums/websites.

A detailed description of the coupon is available in the User's Personal Account, and for more detailed information, you can contact the support service of the Internet service.



My transaction failed AML verification

The use of the DotSatoshi service implies an AML check of all wallet addresses specified in the application by the User. You can read more about this in the Terms of Service .

If your transaction did not pass the AML check, then you need to contact the service support service for full verification. Only after passing through this procedure, the funds will be returned to the sender's address (minus the commission spent on the return of funds).



How to fix an application with incorrect details?

It happens that after creating an application, you realize that you have indicated incorrect details. In this situation, you need to provide the correct data to the support service as soon as possible in order to prevent payment to incorrect details. On the DotSatoshi service, applications are processed, on average, no more than 5 minutes.

If your application has already been processed and the funds have been sent, it is impossible to return your funds.

If the processing of your application is suspended, please contact the support service to resolve the situation and correct personal data.



Code not received by mail

Upon completion of the registration process, a confirmation code will be sent to the e-mail address you specified during the registration process. If this letter is lost or not delivered, follow the instructions below:

  1. First of all, check your Spam folder. Most often, this is where most of these letters end up.
  2. If you still can't find the email with the code, go to the Password Recovery page and enter the email address you used when registering your account. After that, a confirmation email will be sent to your address again.

If after all these steps you still do not receive confirmation, contact support DotSatoshi to solve this problem.



How can I change the email associated with my account?

To change the e-mail address associated with your account, you need to contact the support service of the Internet exchanger. It is possible to change the mailbox of the User account only by writing a change request from the current mail.



What payment methods are available to buy cryptocurrency?

To carry out the procedure for buying cryptocurrencies, you will have access to such types of payments as cards of various banks and popular payment systems.

What is an address tag?

Destination tag is an additional address parameter indicated in numeric and/or string expression. It allows you to identify the recipient of the transfer behind the address of a certain cryptocurrency on a centralized exchange.

The note tag is used by such cryptocurrencies as: XRP (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Cosmos (ATOM).

What is a transaction confirmation?

To transfer Bitcoin cryptocurrency from one wallet to another, you need to receive confirmation from the Bitcoin network. This process performs a protective function, only after which the recipient will be able to dispose of the cryptocurrency sent to him. Thus, the blockchain system prevents the reuse of the same digital units.

The time required to confirm a transaction on the network can be from 10 minutes to 2 days and depends on many factors such as: network congestion, commission rate, quality of the Internet connection, etc.

Wrong transfer amount

It happens that after creating an application, you realize that you have indicated incorrect details or made a mistake with the transfer amount. In this situation, you need to inform the support service about the situation as soon as possible. On the DotSatoshi service , applications are processed, on average, no more than 5 minutes.

If your application has already been processed and paid, then the amount of receipt to the details you specified was recalculated based on the funds received from you.



Transferred currency on the wrong network

There are times when Users make a mistake in choosing a network for transactions. If you entered the wrong network in the "Shipping" field when creating an order, your order will not be processed automatically. For example, you created an order to exchange USDT ERC20 for BTC, but sent USDT coins on the BEP20 network to a DotSatoshi address. In such a situation, do not panic, you should contact technical support Dot Satoshi . There is a chance that you can get the tokens back .



Is it possible to cancel a completed transaction?

No. A completed transaction cannot be cancelled.

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